We’re glad you’re here. My favorite knife maker is out in his shop, so I will introduce us.

Jerry Kathy best 7-2014
My husband, Jerry Davis, kept things sharp as a Saw Fitter/Benchman in Oregon sawmills for more than 20 years. He liked working with steel so much he experimented with making knives with scrap steel, soon gaining a following among friends. He now operates his business from home. I’m Kathy, his wife of 40-plus years.

Jerry’s knives appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, collectors and chefs. While the bulk of his orders come from people who desire a custom designed knife, either for personal use or as a unique gift, he often carries a small inventory to display at local venues such as knife shows, traditional archery camps and benefit shoots.

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A note from Jerry

“I design, grind, and craft my knives in a shop attached to my home with my dog at my side. Here’s a run down of the materials I use.

“My preferred blade steel is the stain resistant, high carbon tool steel, D2. I will use A2 tool steel at your request. It is also a high carbon tool steel, but has no stain resistance. Occasionally, I use recycled planer blades.

“Handle materials range from natural woods to Micarta, Terratuff, and other synthetics. These can be designed according to individual specifications. Check the photos to see examples of my hand stitched sheaths which I fit securely to each knife.

Prices start at $450, and we are proud to offer a discount for those active and retired from our armed forces. If you would like to request the discount or place an order, or if you have a question, send us a note through the Contact page.

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