Jerry’s Knives in Frozen Florida

Last month we went to the Florida panhandle to hang out with our first grandchild and his two baby sisters. And their folks, of course. Why not celebrate Christmas more than once a year?

We shouldn’t have been surprised the weather was colder there than back home in Oregon. Two years ago we stayed in the camper and crawled out of the sack to find ice in the birdbath. Next time we’d best go in the spring.

Congregating around three vets and their service dogs our last day there, we shivered on the sandy beach, the only significant time we spent outside the entire week. I’m not complaining. These guys and their canine friends were great.

There’s a lot of good stuff to say about Florida. For instance, all three vets own a Jerry Davis knife, which makes us extremely proud.

-Kathy Davis

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