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Looking at Knife Storage a New Way

Creative juices have been flowing freely this summer. Jerry set out to develop a holder for a set of kitchen knives and ended up with two beautiful designs.

The first one is a re-design of an old knife block that allowed sharp edges to repeatedly came in contact with wood, like the one I have in my kitchen. Jerry ordered magnets to fix that problem, and made a work of art in the process.

Someone then gave him the idea for a one-knife holder. He spent a few minutes in his shop, scratching his head, then sketched a plan. Here is what he came up with.

We’re not done yet! Creativity is also pouring into the document realm. For a long time we’ve needed a flyer that outlines the care instructions for handcrafted knives. It’s coming together nicely (no photos yet).

Local schools will be starting up soon. We hope you have a happy, satisfying fall season making whatever you enjoy making–to your heart’s content.

by Kathy Davis

And the Winner is . . .

Congratulations are in order for Chase, the raffle winner of the Jerry Davis Knife at the Traditional Archers of Oregon 2019 event near Brownsville last weekend. Jerry doesn’t play favorites, but he was sure happy for his new friend.

Put TAO on your calendar for next year, and come enjoy this friendly archery community. Special thanks to John McCoy for his kind invitation to the evening potluck.

by Kathy Davis

This Year’s Show – A Family Affair

The Oregon Knife Show in Eugene brought some of our kids and grandchildren out to show their support. It was so great to have them come by. Thankfully, it wasn’t one of them who drew blood, it was me, their grandmother! I still don’t know when it happened, exactly, though I remember Jerry warning me to be more careful.
Jerry Davis at his table at the knife show with wife and son in Eugene Oregon with his wife Kathy and son Seth April 2019

Like we do every year, we made some new contacts, and friends who hadn’t visited the annual show discovered they have been missing a fine event. Several promised they’ll be back.

It’s always an interesting crowd, whether attendees are from the Willamette Valley or as far away as China. I suggest you make it a point to come to the next one in April 2020. I’ll have extra band-ades ready, just in case.

by Kathy Davis

Newest Knife Design – Hot from the Oven

Jerry pulled out his newest design this month, a kitchen knife. Even hot from the oven it was a work of art. Many thanks to our son, Seth Davis, for these photos.

It’s one week till the one-day knife show in Eugene. Come see us at the Lane Events Center on W. 13th Avenue on December 8. Though it’s a smaller show he’ll have a variety of knives for you to check out.

Kathy Davis

Reworking the Shop

We thought the shop needed just a bit of tweaking. It turns out it’s getting more than that. We’re overhauling it!

We’ve got a bigger space to turn around in now–enough to get a great photo of our son, Seth, and our steampunk costumed granddaughter. It’s sweet having family nearby.

Jerry’s excited about an order that came in yesterday. It’s a type of steel he hasn’t used before, and its arrival gives us even more incentive to finish the shop’s makeover.

To see his progress, check out Jerry Davis Knives on his Facebook page or on Instagram.

by Kathy Davis

Knives for Friends

My son and I hovered in the shop yesterday, waiting for Jerry to present the knife he’d made for our friend. I busied myself with folding laundry, trying not to spoil the surprise. It’s new owner was going to love it.

Rick Thiele knife Jerry 7-2017

We didn’t get a photo of the exchange, but we’ll never forget the delight on our friend’s face. His new knife is made with wood that came from his daughter’s husband’s grandfather’s wood sample collection–a man dearly missed by many. But though the grins were priceless we weren’t thinking about getting our cameras out.

We’re so thankful for good friends, and for creative ways to show it.

Note: The picture I uploaded for this post is of another friend with his first Jerry Davis knife, taken last year.

Kathy Davis