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Looking at Knife Storage a New Way

Creative juices have been flowing freely this summer. Jerry set out to develop a holder for a set of kitchen knives and ended up with two beautiful designs.

The first one is a re-design of an old knife block that allowed sharp edges to repeatedly came in contact with wood, like the one I have in my kitchen. Jerry ordered magnets to fix that problem, and made a work of art in the process.

Someone then gave him the idea for a one-knife holder. He spent a few minutes in his shop, scratching his head, then sketched a plan. Here is what he came up with.

We’re not done yet! Creativity is also pouring into the document realm. For a long time we’ve needed a flyer that outlines the care instructions for handcrafted knives. It’s coming together nicely (no photos yet).

Local schools will be starting up soon. We hope you have a happy, satisfying fall season making whatever you enjoy making–to your heart’s content.

by Kathy Davis