The Results of our Eastern Oregon Fall Hunt 2017

Here’s a quick report about our September hunt this year. It’s a spike elk! Jerry’s hunting buddy, Leo, “brought home the bacon” this time, and thanks to his generosity we not only have lots of adventures to remember but meat in the freezer as well.

I stayed in camp nursing a cold while the guys put their knives to good use. And though I felt awful, it’s always a great day when a hunt is successful. Nothing to complain about when there’s a hot mug of tea in my hands and two delighted hunters driving into camp.

September, our favorite month of the year, ends in just a few hours. Jerry wound up his month by taking pictures of a knife that’s ready for a guy to give to his son. It goes out the door tomorrow.

On October 1 we start taking orders for custom knives destined for Christmas giving.

Any hunters on your Christmas list this year? Maybe you need a customized gift for yourself or a friend who would appreciate one for their collection. Check out available options for designing that special knife.

I’m going to make another pot of tea. Happy hunting!

posted by Kathy Davis