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Teaching Kids to Create

I found Jerry in his shop this month with our grandson and had to capture the memory. Look at the concentration as they shape the wood together, creating as a team. I love this!

Some things stay with us for decades, like my appreciation for the skills my father took the time to teach me fifty-some years ago. I wouldn’t trade what he gave me for anything.

I’m sure the returns on Jerry’s investment in this little guy will be just as priceless.

by Kathy Davis

December Knife Show

Our last show of the year was three weeks ago and we’re looking at the start of 2019. It’s hard to let go of good times, but we’re anticipating more adventures in the months to come.

Jerry and I are thankful for our supportive family and friends, and for the collectors and knife enthusiasts who became owners of a Jerry Davis knife this year. We also appreciate those who send us photos and write reviews. Thank you for your generosity.

May you enjoy a happy and prosperous New Year!

Kathy Davis

Newest Knife Design – Hot from the Oven

Jerry pulled out his newest design this month, a kitchen knife. Even hot from the oven it was a work of art. Many thanks to our son, Seth Davis, for these photos.

It’s one week till the one-day knife show in Eugene. Come see us at the Lane Events Center on W. 13th Avenue on December 8. Though it’s a smaller show he’ll have a variety of knives for you to check out.

Kathy Davis

Reworking the Shop

We thought the shop needed just a bit of tweaking. It turns out it’s getting more than that. We’re overhauling it!

We’ve got a bigger space to turn around in now–enough to get a great photo of our son, Seth, and our steampunk costumed granddaughter. It’s sweet having family nearby.

Jerry’s excited about an order that came in yesterday. It’s a type of steel he hasn’t used before, and its arrival gives us even more incentive to finish the shop’s makeover.

To see his progress, check out Jerry Davis Knives on his Facebook page or on Instagram.

by Kathy Davis

Knives for Friends

My son and I hovered in the shop yesterday, waiting for Jerry to present the knife he’d made for our friend. I busied myself with folding laundry, trying not to spoil the surprise. It’s new owner was going to love it.

Rick Thiele knife Jerry 7-2017

We didn’t get a photo of the exchange, but we’ll never forget the delight on our friend’s face. His new knife is made with wood that came from his daughter’s husband’s grandfather’s wood sample collection–a man dearly missed by many. But though the grins were priceless we weren’t thinking about getting our cameras out.

We’re so thankful for good friends, and for creative ways to show it.

Note: The picture I uploaded for this post is of another friend with his first Jerry Davis knife, taken last year.

Kathy Davis

Tribute Knives for Those Who Serve

Our son is the recipient of the Bronze Star, which is awarded for heroic and/or meritorious service in a combat zone.  Aaron Davis recently retired from the Air Force, and this spring we surprised him with a tribute knife.

A few weeks later, my sister’s son-in-law saw Aaron’s knife on social media and decided to honor his own father, who served in the Viet Nam War, with a tribute knife. His dad is a recipient of an Air Medal, awarded for an act of heroism or meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight.

Jerry said, “It’s my desire is to honor those who serve us and fight to defend our freedom.” He also remarked that having grown up in the sixties, he personally felt the impact of the war. Even now, whenever he views images of the Viet Nam War Memorial he is deeply moved.

Aaron also recognized a knife on Jerry’s table as potentially having an appeal to police officers, so once again we were honored to show our great respect for those who put themselves in harm’s way to preserve our lives and safety. It’s owner is retiring soon from the police force and is now enjoying his “thin blue line” tribute knife.

There’s a lot of satisfaction in crafting knives for heroes. Let us know if we can help you honor one.

by Kathy Davis