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Jerry’s Knives at Work and Play

This past weekend we hiked the paths around Sahalie Falls with some friends and a group of international students, our first outing together this spring. Jerry and I spent too much of our winter indoors so we were delighted to be out in the hills on such a beautiful day.

Jerry Davis Knives Sahalie Falls 5-2018

Another thing we like is seeing where the knives go when they leave the shop. We’ve received photos of his creations in collections, at work in the field, and in far off places. If you find yourself the owner of one of Jerry’s knives, you’ll make our day if you send us a photo.

To follow Jerry, you can find him on Instagram and on Facebook, where keeps his followers up to date.

Meanwhile, don’t cut yourself.

by Kathy Davis

Passing on the Legacy


One thing we enjoy when camping with our grandchildren is coaching them in their archery skills. They love spending time with Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Kathy thinking up competitive games with the targets. We almost missed the opportunity last summer as the weeks flew by and we hadn’t had our family camping trip of 2017, but thankfully we pulled it off.

It’s hard to imagine anything more satisfying than sharing the great outdoors with our young ones.

Note to self: Include knife handling skills on our next trip. It might be time to sculpt the next generation of knife makers!

by Kathy Davis