Jerry’s Knives at Work and Play

This past weekend we hiked the paths around Sahalie Falls with some friends and a group of international students, our first outing together this spring. Jerry and I spent too much of our winter indoors so we were delighted to be out in the hills on such a beautiful day.

Jerry Davis Knives Sahalie Falls 5-2018

Another thing we like is seeing where the knives go when they leave the shop. We’ve received photos of his creations in collections, at work in the field, and in far off places. If you find yourself the owner of one of Jerry’s knives, you’ll make our day if you send us a photo.

To follow Jerry, you can find him on Instagram and on Facebook, where keeps his followers up to date.

Meanwhile, don’t cut yourself.

by Kathy Davis

“Best Year Ever” – OKCA Knife Show 2018

The highlight of Jerry’s year as a knife maker took place a few weeks ago, the OKCA spring knife show, which is held at the Lane Events Center near the heart of Eugene.

JDKnives at Knife Show 2018 short crop

Advertised as the biggest knife show west of the Mississippi, it’s easy to see why. We got this photo while he was setting up his table before the crowds arrived. Afterwards it would have been difficult to get a good shot – and he’d likely have been too distracted to even look at the camera.

Check out the OKCA website to see more photos and information.

Jerry says this year’s show had the most attendees he’s ever witnessed, and it was his “best year ever.” It’s fun when people come back year after year to check in and tell their knife stories.

We’re already filling out the application form for next year, so plan on seeing us at table G-5 again.

by Kathy Davis

Preparing for the Knife Show

We’re just weeks away from the Oregon Knife Show in Eugene, Oregon, coming on April 7-8. This year Jerry will return to table G-5 with nearly double the number of knives he usually brings. The photos are just a sampling of what to expect.

If you see one here you like there’s no need to wait. Contact Jerry now and he’ll tell you how to make it yours.

The preparations for the April show take months of planning and work, but we don’t mind. It’s like Christmas in our knife world.

Here’s a link to more information.

Hope we see you at our table!

Kathy Davis

Jerry’s Knives in Frozen Florida

Last month we went to the Florida panhandle to hang out with our first grandchild and his two baby sisters. And their folks, of course. Why not celebrate Christmas more than once a year?

We shouldn’t have been surprised the weather was colder there than back home in Oregon. Two years ago we stayed in the camper and crawled out of the sack to find ice in the birdbath. Next time we’d best go in the spring.

Congregating around three vets and their service dogs our last day there, we shivered on the sandy beach, the only significant time we spent outside the entire week. I’m not complaining. These guys and their canine friends were great.

There’s a lot of good stuff to say about Florida. For instance, all three vets own a Jerry Davis knife, which makes us extremely proud.

-Kathy Davis

@jerrydavis5755 on Instagram

Passing on the Legacy


One thing we enjoy when camping with our grandchildren is coaching them in their archery skills. They love spending time with Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Kathy thinking up competitive games with the targets. We almost missed the opportunity last summer as the weeks flew by and we hadn’t had our family camping trip of 2017, but thankfully we pulled it off.

It’s hard to imagine anything more satisfying than sharing the great outdoors with our young ones.

Note to self: Include knife handling skills on our next trip. It might be time to sculpt the next generation of knife makers!

by Kathy Davis

Knives Awarded at Hunting Event for Disabled Vets

Frank Dailey JDKnives gifted to Tommy 11-2017

This landowner was given a knife to thank him for his part in organizing this event.

On Veterans Day weekend a group of 15 veterans ventured from their homes in Florida and convened in Louisiana for two days of hunting.

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the hunt. These hunters knew that my dad had worked on a knife that would be randomly given away to one of them. I teased them for a couple of weeks with pictures of the progress and then the completed knife. Each of them was hoping to be the recipient. I was relentlessly prodded to tell who the winner was prior to the reveal but I held my ground.

The evening after arriving we went out for a hunt, and as fate would have it the winner shot a wild boar. He began to field dress his boar and became frustrated with a knife that wasn’t suitable for the thick hide of a boar (he still didn’t know he was the lucky winner at this point). It was then that the group leader pulled the Jerry Davis Knives beauty out and handed it to him saying, “Why don’t you try this one, it’ll be sharper.”

It didn’t register right away, but when he recognized the knife (from the pictures I’d shown) his jaw dropped, he looked up and said, “Did I really win the knife?” He was elated.

After some admiration and congratulations from the group, he put the knife to work. It handled the boar hide, no problem. He wanted to keep the skull, but when he went to cut it off others in the group cautioned against using the knife to cut through the thick neck bones. A hacksaw was offered instead. After using the knife for the rest of the boar he was confident the blade could handle the work. Sure enough, with little effort the head was removed and the hunter had his trophy.

Aaron Sydney 11-2017 crop

– posted by Aaron Davis

NOTE: To learn more about the hunt sponsored by the Louisiana National Guard, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Hunters Enriching Lives of People, and the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, see this news article.